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Dose for Your Liver
Dose for Your Liver
Dose for Your Liver
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Liver, Let Live.

Dose helps cleanse your liver of toxins, improves metabolism, and maintains your body’s filter to live well each day.*

Dose for Your Skin
Dose for Your Skin
Dose for Your Skin
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Great skin starts inside.

Keep your skin hydrated and collagen-rich with 100% vegan ingredients like aloe vera and sea buckthorn in a cooling, silky peach shot.*

Dose for Immunity
Dose for Immunity
Dose for Immunity
Dose for Immunity
Free shipping on all orders

Defense is the Best Offense.

Kick your immune system into high gear with a natural Vitamin C boost from amla and acerola with delicious hits of ginger, lemon and elderberry.*

Dose for Soreness
Dose for Soreness
Dose for Soreness
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Soar, not Sore.

This shot provides super-bioavailable turmeric, ashwagandha and green tea actives to support muscle recovery with full-bodied mixed berry taste.

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Cleanses the Liver and helps break down toxins


Milk Thistle

Promotes and ensures optimal liver function



Stimulates liver for better performance



Helps increase the flow of bile - aids digestion




I was told that my liver enzymes were imbalanced and I have been taking the Liver shot since then (I started about a month ago) and from what I can tell it has DEFINITELY helped with the problems. The shot tastes surprisingly good as well.

Rebecca U.

Aloe Vera

Helps skin moisturize, promotes anti-aging effects and healing in wound, scars, and burns


Sea Buckthorn

Provides body with all four omega fatty acids - Omega-3, 6, 7 & 9


Centella Asiatica

Helps improve blood circulation and reduce swelling and stretch marks



Helps fight oxidative free radicals



Rich in natural Vitamin C and polyphenols



Fights sun damage and helps fade dark circles



My skin is GLOWING after taking these

I have been considering alternate medicine for a while now and these shots are perfect. I especially LOVED the shots for skin and immunity. I definitely feel my skin is more hydrated and glowing after 3 weeks. Will be ordering more soon

Heather M.


Helps relieve nausea



High in vitamin C, dietary fiber, phenolic acids, and flavonoids



Powerful antioxidant that supports kidney function



Supports cells against oxidative stress



Enhances immunity and helps fight the common cold



Helps promote healthy blood sugar metabolism



Eases nasal congestion, running nose, and sore throat



Promotes tissue healing and cleanses respiratory system.



Sugar-free and great for kid!!!

I used to give my 9 year old vit C gummies, but I always disliked how much sugar they had. Once we started taking this drink, I began noticing that he is no longer as hyper afterwards as was with the gummies.

Hannah C.


Helps increase muscle mass and strength and eases joint pain



Supports healthy sugar metabolism



Reduces micro-swelling and tenderness in tissues and protects against oxidative damage.



Improves blood circulation and joint health


Green Tea

Helps reduce micro-swelling of muscle tissue and collagen degradation



Promotes tissue healing and improves blood circulation



Great product!!

This is an amazing product! Tastes really good. Tried it after a long hike and didnt get any soreness. Definitely going to try this again!

Parth P.

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